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Pay-per-click campaigns are a well-proven way to generate quick and targeted traffic to a website. One of the advantages of the pay-per-click (PPC) marketing method is the ability to get started right away without a website. The process goes like this: You bid on certain “keywords” each with its specific cost per click. Whenever a customer uses any of your keywords to perform a search in Google (for example), sees your ad and clicks on it, you pay the “cost-per-click”.

For example, you might bid on the word “chlamydia guide”. Whenever someone types in this search term and clicks on your ad, you might pay something in the neighborhood of 5-25 cents.

With the right experiments, tracking, tweaking and conversion rate testing, pay-per-click campaigns can produce a steady surge of sales that runs on autopilot.

While, you don’t need a website to use Pay Per Click (You can simply place ads and send customers directly to my sales letter using your affiliate link), a much wiser and more profitable choice would be to send your visitors to a page (also called a landing page) where you presell the program using a review, testimonial, mini-sales letter or even better by offering a 5 day email mini course. This way you’re not only increasing your chances of making sales, you’re also building your list.

Here are the top pay-per-click search engines around:
1) Google Adwords -
2) Yahoo (formerly overture) -
3) Miva –

Other players:
1) Search 123 -
2) enhance -
3) SearchFeed -
4) GoClick -
5) 7Search -
6) Findit-Quick -
7) Looksmart -
8) Kanoodle -

Important note: another reason why you should not link directly to my website but rather send your visitors to your own landing page is that Google Adwords recently implemented a new rule that only one ad is allowed to show per search term for each specific website.

For example, if two affiliates are bidding on the term “natural chlamydia cure”, only one ad (that links directly to my website) will show up each time a web surfer types in that term.

In order to get around this, create your own custom landing page that presells the program and links to my website. This will ensure that your ads will show up every time someone searches for your keywords, rather than having to wait in line against other affiliates who are searching for the same terms.

Instead of...
Your Google Ad -> Our Website

Set it up like this...
Your Google Ad -> Your Website -> Our Website

Bear in mind, though, that Google ad words can be tricky and there can be a costly learning curve if you don't get educated about the system. There is more to it than just copying and pasting an ad. So if you’re serious about making profits from ppc campaigns, make sure you go through Google’s “Adwords Learning Center” first. This learning center will teach you the basics:

You are welcome to use some of our proven highly converting pay per click ads below.

You should also contact me if you have any questions or concerns and if you want me to place your conversion tracking codes on my order confirmation page so that you can track your sales in detail to maximize your profits.



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