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I do not allow my affiliates to copy our entire full-length sales letter. Why? First the The Essential Guide To Cure Chlamydia sales letter is copyright protected. Second, making the prospect move from one sales letter to the exact sales letter is not pre-selling and does not make much sense. For these two reasons I have crafted a sample mini sales letter for you to publish on your website.

Note: You can use this sample mini-sales letter as a landing page for your Pay Per Click campaigns. A powerful little trick I have learned is to create a different landing page for each pay per click campaign by altering the title a bit according to the keywords you use to in your campaigns. This will make the landing page more relevant and dramatically increase conversions.

For example: if you use variations of the phrase: ”chlamydia cure” use this title on your landing page:

A Staggering Chlamydia Cure Secrets With a 100% Success Rate

If you use variations of the phrase: ”Chlamydia Treatments” use this title on your landing page instead:

The Amazing Chlamydia Treatments Secrets From A Former Sufferer

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Mini Sales Letter

Who Else Wants To Get Rid of Your Chlamydia Quickly and Naturally?

Dear Friend,

My name is Dr. Patrick James, and I have been practicing medicine for nearly 30 years now, with particular experience in the field of venereal diseases, but also with a strong confidence in naturopathy. In my line of work, It’s so often that I come across people who have been seriously affected by Chlamydia - mostly couples suffering infertility – and for what? Chlamydia is such an easy to infection to treat, but there are so many misconceptions about it, and the unfortunate thing is, most people who are suffering from the condition don’t even know they have it.

Therefore, I decided to write this book – to share my knowledge with as many people as I could, and to dispel the confusion caused by misconceptions. In this book I have also explained in depth the various drugs and herbs used for treating Chlamydia, and to bridge the gap between conventional treatments, natural remedies, and all things in between.

I’ve been studying, learning and curing chlamydia for so many years, and I hope by writing this guide, I would be able to impart my knowledge to you. I have the ‘power’ to banish chlamydia, and now I’m giving you the chance to do the same.

My methods utilizes scientifically-proven and real-world tested methods that’s been proven time and time again. My guide will give you the power to ...

  • Prevent Chlamydia infection or reinfections
  • Spot symptoms of Chlamydia at the earliest time possible
  • Differentiate the various treatment options available
  • Avoid developing irreversible conditions such as infertility
  • Lead a fulfilling and healthy sexual lifestyle
  • Start living your normal life again, Chlamydia-free!
  • And much, much more!

There are NO gimmicks in this program - there are no magic pills, or drugs to buy and no hidden agendas - just the FACTS you need to know to get rid of your chlamydia quickly and naturally. It’s great news that someone has finally released an effective Chlamydia cure program based on the truth, but this also means that you have to ask if this is the right program for you:

Anyone who is not willing to put some efforts, anyone looking for a quick fix solution to chlamydia, anyone who wants “overnight results is just not ready for a program like The Essential Guide To Cure Chlamydia In Men yet.

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